* Environmentally Friendly * No Plastic * No Chemicals * Vegan * Ethically Sourced * Only Botanicals Used For Colour And Scent * Kent Springwater *

Our Story

My Triplets 1993
In Spain 2018

I used to be a cake designer. I spent 22 years making various styles of cakes, for all sorts of celebrations…. I started this when my triplets were 2 years old. They would go to bed and I would start my cake design day… Roll on 10 years and I had my fourth baby ( yes it took me 10 years to feel I could cope with another ! ) But what I didn’t realise was that 10 further years I would be living in Spain with my youngest at a tennis academy there fulfilling his dreams of being a tennis pro…

I couldn’t carry on with cakes, my Spanish not good enough and Spanish tastes for cake is different to mine. So I hung up my whisk and set about considering what would be something I would like to do, not so much to make a business from it, but a great hobby/diversion.


Age 15 yrs

They grow up so fast, I was truely blessed that I could share this journey with my boy.

But I couldnt be defined by what my son was doing so thought about what was important to me and sustainability, ethical approaches and natural products using natural ingredients. 

I thought it was going to be tough, having to use a catalyst to change the oils into soap but once I had started, I couldn’t stop. I spent months perfecting various formulations for the soap, making lots of mistakes along the way but thats the only way to develop something from being ok to being amazing !

I chose only sustainable oils and butters, only using botanical/naturally occurring colours  – so clays, root powders, spice colours etc. We do not use mica. Mica is naturally occurring but it is mined by young children and is not pure mica but contaminated with other elements. We also took the decision not to use laboratory manufactured/like natural mica. Scents come from 100% pure essential oils and isolates that are distilled from flowers, stalks, roots, leaves. This is a prolonged process so all essential oils are bought from reputable companies. 

We use springwater that pours off the North Downs in Kent, behind the house.  It is crystal clear !  

The water is filtered before being used in our soaps and distilled before being used in our lotions.

Lotions are a new product we are introducing this year so a very exciting year ahead

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