* Environmentally Friendly * No Plastic * No Chemicals * Vegan * Ethically Sourced * Only Botanicals Used For Colour And Scent * Kent Springwater *

Anymore Natural And They Would Be Naked !


Anymore Natural And They Would be Naked !

We are based in the United Kingdom, in Kent, the Garden Of England And Ship Throughout the United Kingdom and USA. Please shop in Whichever Currency suits Your Location.

Fresh made lemongrass

Why Are We Different To Other Soapmakers?

Read our story and hear about where we source our ingredients, the testing, our unique selling points.


Our Springwater Comes From The North Downs, Kent, UK

We use naturally sourced springwater for our skincare formulations to cleanse and moisturise your skin, and they delight all that use them. We use 100% natural ingredients, 100% botanical based for scent and colours – so all are vegan, with our formulations being laboratory and toxicologically tested. We source our ingredients ethically from British suppliers and our packaging has been carefully chosen to be totally plastic free, using recyclable cardboard, glass and aluminium.                                                                                          We collect our spring water from a chalk stream called the Selesdene. This is the source, the water comes off the North Downs behind my studio. The water is so crystal clear. 



A Few Important Points About Our Formulations 

We do not use palm oil in any of our formulations and take particular notice of where our coconut oil comes from too. None of the raw ingedients we use are tested on animals. 
We do not use any animal products and this includes any products from bees. We are totally plant based for all ingredients, including scent and colours. 

As we use essential oils in our formulations, which by the very nature of its origins will eventually become lighter in smell. 

To ensure your soaps last, place it in a dry spot between uses. If it sits in a pool of water, it will become soggy and not last long. 

All packaging is biodegradable, right the way down to the cello wrapping (only used at festivals and shows so the soap keep clean) and the bio cellotape. 

We use cardboard tubs and tubes for packaging creams and glass for lotions. 

* We cannot claim any health related benefits with any of our formulations. Whilst I trained as a nurse, I cannot claim that my products will positively affect any medical condition you have, but any comment regarding any product that relates to its properties is simply that they are potential properties of ingredients used in the formulations.  

All our formulations have been extensively tested and trialed. They have gone through rigorous laboratory testing to check the efficacy of the natural preservatives within the products, and the formulation has been authorised and certificated by a toxicological laboratory. 





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