Natural Shampoo Bars


No more plastic bottles lining up on the bathroom shelf, an all natural shampoo bar whatever type of hair you have.

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Say goodbye to harmful shampoo formulas in plastic bottles and hello to our Shampoo Bars ! ( We do conditioner bars too!)

Our shampoo bars follow the prescriptive stance of My Cottage Cosmetics, in that they are made of plant based ingredients, that are gentle for the planet and on your hair. They create a luscious lather that will remove build up from your hair, leaving it clean and fresh.

By switching to using our shampoo bar, you are saving yourself from having to dispose of up to 15 plastic bottles every single year !

  • Contains soothing aloe vera
  • Lasts 25-30 hair washes
  • All scents are naturally derived from essential oils
  • No preservatives, parabens, fillers, silicones, SLS in our shampoo bar.
  • 100% recyclable/compostable packaging.
  • Made in the UK using natural springwater.

We have a Moisturising Shampoo Bar

*Tropical Coconut,  Blackberry & Basil, Pink Grapefruit

Shampoo bars and conditioners have grown in popularity as alternatives to regular shampoo from bottles. There are a few reasons, one being that we all know how glass would be in a bathroom ! Another of course, yes you could use a refillable bottle but what are you going to pour into your refillable bottle? You could buy in bulk but at this stage that still means plastic.

The best, I think is that using a bar soap, you wont over product your hair. Its so easy to squeeze out more than you really need.. how much do you really need? Using a shampoo bar, you will lather up as you go apply it allowing you to judge how much you actually need to use. So this reduces wastage, and also means you aren’t over washing your hair, removing the natural oils that protect your hair and scalp.

What a better way to cut down unnecessary plastic, reduce your carbon footprint and have great hair !

You can extend the life of your shampoo bar by using our soap saver bags or aluminium soap dishes (with in built drainer) We have single and double so you can partner up with our hair conditioner bar !


How To Use The Shampoo Bar

We have found the best way to create a great lather is to wet your hair, and the bar, and apply the bar directly onto the hair …… or …. you can build up a lather with your hands and apply that to your hair, both will work well.  Rinse well and repeat if required.


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Pink Grapefruit, Tropical Coconut, Blackberry & Basil