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What could be better than having a renewed spring in your step with our organic foot care scrub and lotion? Packed full of natural exfoliants and fragrant moisturising oils that will smooth and freshen your feet!

A kilner jar of our mild foot scrub with rapadura sugar, jojoba, apple powder and pumice with a delicious minty scent alongside a bottle of after scrub Kombucha lotion to massage and freshen any dry or sore skin on your feet !


Foot Scrub

Containing vitamin E, shea butter and castor oil for nourishment whilst using the mild exfoliant of pumice, apple powder and rapadura sugar for a gentle but effective exfoliation.
Use 5ml on each foot, massaging along the sole, paying particular attention to the heel area.
Wash off with warm water and pat dry. Then apply the kombucha Minttea foot lotion.

Weight: 200g

Kombucha Minttea Foot Lotion

Pamper tired feet with this soothing kombucha lotion. It soothes dry, cracked heels and hard skin on the feet using a blend of aloe vera, coconut and cumin seed oil, calming comfrey and kombucha with peppermint and tea tree essential oils. For a more intensive treatment, apply before bed, slip feet into a pair of socks and allow the kombucha lotion to soak in overnight.

  • Soothes dry, cracked skin
  • Helps to keep skin supple
  • Revitalising and nourishing
  • With soothing comfrey glycerol.

Weight: 100g

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