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Do you know how manny plastic bottles worldwide are bought every hour? And how many of them are recycled? Make a defining choice to use less plastic


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Do you know how many plastic bottles worldwide are bought every hour? And how many of them are recycled?

Well around a million are bought and only 1/2 are ever recycled. Maybe you refill yours, but unlikely that most people do that.

We might think about some recycling but it is unlikely to include the bottles used for liquid dish soap because they are not made of plastic that can be recycled easily as they are usually made of unrecyclable plastic. So they end up being thrown into landfill and our ecological footprint is significant.

So an easy decision to change over to an eco-friendly dish soap block that will reduce your plastic waste !

  • Vegan
  • Lasts 2-3 months
  • Cuts through food grease as well, if not better, than liquid dish soap
  • 100% safe for use on your kitchen equipment
  • Non-toxic so nothing going down your drain that will harm the water courses


We offer dish soap, soap dishes (?) and brushes !

You can buy them individually or as a whole set

Dish Soap (£8)


Saponified Coconut oil (sodium cocoate), Castor oil (sodium castorate), Citric Acid, Lemon Essential oil.

No phthalates, phosphates or sulphates …. Just natural ingredients!


Dampen the soap, using a dish brush or dish scrub, rub on the soap, this will create bubbles. Load the brush and wash your pots in the usual way!

Soap Dishes (£15)

Handmade ceramic dishes with drainage insert to raise the soap above the base so it doesn’t get damp and soggy!

The soap dish is made to fit our soap perfectly!

Dish Brush (£5)

Bamboo Round Mini Dish Brush, with natural fibres


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