Aluminium Soap Tin with Drainer


The perfect solution for shampoo and conditioner soaps  – an aluminium tin (so no rusting) with individual drainers (so no soggy soap) and ideal for travelling….

(Shampoo and Conditioner bars can be bought following the link below)


We are all into saving our planet, and nothing is more important here at My Cottage Cosmetics !

The dilemma we faced was what to do in the bathroom? Whilst its easy in the kitchen or with other bathroom products but what about the shampoo and conditioner? We considered some of the biodegradable plastics, but we are a NO PLASTIC business, so then the thought went onto glass…hmm…. not great in a bathroom really and as we are wanting to give options to our customers, that ruled out a liquid shampoo and conditioner.. so our bars of shampoo and conditioner were born! But then the thoughts went straight to how to offer longevity to the bars and what do we do when we are travelling??

One big bonus to a solid bar of shampoo and conditioner is that you can take them through airport security in your carry on luggage ! Wow! Now that is a bonus ! Ive had my luggage lost three times travelling to USA and Africa so alway try to have a supply of essentials in my carry on..


The double shampoo and conditioner tin was born!  Now you dont have to put shampoo and conditioner in the tin, up to you how you use the tin, maybe you have favourite soaps you want to take?  We do have a single tin too if you want that for your hand soap…gone are the days of a soggy soap or a plastic soap dish!


The perfect solution for shampoo and conditioner bars. This aluminium twin soap tin holds both bars and coupled with the twin insert drainers, your shampoo and conditioner soaps are drained and not sitting in water!

Take a look at the single soap dish too and our shampoo and conditioner bars.

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2.5 cm