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Introducing Saxon Foundry

For the last 3-4 years we have been formulating, testing, tweaking, completing the product toxicology for all our formulations. We launched My Cottage Cosmetics, bringing the ethos of natural skincare products, using no chemicals, all plant-based, with natural preservatives only and essential oils. We considered the efficacy of every single ingredient going into the formulations and rather than using ingredients because they make a frothy lather, or have great cleaning properties, but simply because they are good for the skin, are ethical, biodegradable…. Natural. That was not only for where the ingredients are sourced but packaging too we do not use any plastic, but only recyclable paper, glass and tin. After some thought  however, we decided that the men’s products would be represented better under their own branding, a brand that would sit under the umbrella of My Cottage Cosmetics, taking on the same ethos but under a more masculine appealing logo and name, so Saxon Foundry was born. But why Saxon Foundry?

Our studios in Kent are at the base of the North Downs and in starting works to expand the studio, slag (stony waste matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore) was discovered in the ground. The slag was tested and found to be from Saxon times. Historical research was carried out and with the use of maps, it was discovered that a Saxon Foundry once existed on the site, this made a perfect name!

So rebranding started. We found Saxon styles and colours to create the logo for Saxon Foundry and started the process of relabelling and wrapping our masculine range to be so much more appealing! We hope you think so.

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