Golden Summer Handmade Soap Gift Box


Glistening sands, the fresh scent of coconuts on the breeze… those are the days that dreams are made.

This handmade soap gift box is the golden scent of summer… of dreams to come and experiences already passed…

The perfect gift for any lovely lady !

We have carefully chosen these amazing products to treat your loved one to the beneficial botanicals in these formulations !


  • Shea and Coconut Artisan No.1 Lulu Loofah Soap
  • Shea and Coconut Natural Deodorant
  • Shea and Coconut Hand Creme
  • St Clementine Shower Steamers (7)

Directions for Use:

Dampen the soap under water and working in your hands, a rich, moisturising lather will form. As the soap gets used, the mini loofah will start becoming exposed and this can then be used for light exfoliating.

Twist the base of the deodorant to expose a small amount of deodorant. Apply to the under arms in sweeping strokes.

Hand cream can be applied whenever required to the hands and wrists. Take a pea sized amount and massage into the hands, paying attention to the dry areas around the nails and backs of hands.

Place a shower steamer in the corner of the shower where it will be splashed with water rather than soaked with water. This will allow the steamer to release the aromatherapy essential oil effect into the steam of the shower.




Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 10 cm


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