This Natural Body Lotion is from our KOMBUCHA range is a fabulous all over moisturiser, from the face to the feet ! We use only plant based natural and organic ingredients in all our Kombucha lotion formulations and only NATURAL SPRINGWATER  that is collected from a spring that runs through the North Downs behind our studio. If you would like to see the amazing clear springwater please follow this link. " Beautifully smooth lotion, that soaks into the skin quickly leaving no stickiness. I use this every day and as it is a natural body lotion, with active Kombucha, I feel it is a lotion I could not do without!" We  Have 6 Variants For Different Skin Situations Summer Apple / CucumNature / CaribbeaRum / AromaNaturale / MintTea / Citrus Sunset Three sizes are available - 50g/100g/150g (£10/£15/£20) .... Please Scroll Down To Read About Them ! What is Kombucha Lotion? Kombucha Earl Grey Tea is huge in our lotion.. We make the Kombucha Earl Grey Tea using more of our natural springwater. Fermented Kombucha tea has excellent skin softening and moisturising benefits. It penetrates the skin well and is good for your face and hands. It is high in Vitamin A and essential fatty acids and works well for all types of skin. What Other Ingredients Are In Our Kombucha Lotion And How Do They Work?   We have 6 variations of the Kombucha Lotion which each deliver additions to the amazing lotion. There is a lotion that will perfectly compliment your skin, but let's have a look at the basic formulation first ! One amazing ingredient is Organic Coconut Oil. It moisturises and is easily absorbed by the skin bringing important properties of hydration whilst having the additional antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits too. We also use Organic Aloe Vera which brings many amazing properties to the lotion. It is super moisturising, soothes irritated and sensitive skin, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, so a definite for any lotion formulation ! Black Cumin Seed Oil from the seeds of the fennel plant promotes the skin’s reparation and regeneration, facilitating a smoother, clearer, and brighter skin. There are many toxic ingredients used in hand cream and lotion formulation, but we use only plant-based ingredients in everything we make. Our Kombucha Lotion is ideal for all skin types, including those with sensitive or allergy prone skin. We offer all our Kombucha lotions in Miron (Violet) Glass. Its unique properties filter different light frequencies to both protect and revitalize natural products, drastically extending their shelf life. Our Kombucha Lotion is sensitive to light and heat due to the active Kombucha within the lotion. "Fermented skincare ingredients are especially beneficial for the skin’s microbiome, since they lead to a more favorable, stable microbiome on the skin's surface. “Furthermore, it helps to keep the skin's pH healthy and balanced, supports skin's protective barrier, and alleviates irritation and dryness,” adds Dr. Zubritsky. “Fermentation helps to keep the skin in a balanced state.”." This is the opinion of Dr Zubritsky. (Lindsey Zubritsky, MD, FAAD, is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in general medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, cosmetics, and pediatric dermatology) We have 6 Kombucha Lotions with additional active ingredients to enhance the formulations making them perfect for different skincare needs ! Summer Apple - Organic Lingonberry Glycol Lingonberry is considered to be a super fruit in Scandinavia where it grows wild and is the most harvested wild berry. The berry extract contains large amounts of flavonoids, phenolic compounds and antioxidants. The good level of antioxidants help to protect all skin types from free radical damage. Use in daily defence creams and lotions. It can be soothing to the skin so can be included in products for all skin types, including irritated skin and acne prone skin. A light apple blossom scent, with added apple fruit extract, giving a high level of Vitamin C, natural polyphenols and trace minerals. CucumNaturale - Cucumber Glycerol The glycerin part of the Cucumber Glycerol Extract is a very good humectant that keeps the skin moisturised. With the addition of the Cucumber Extract, improves the complexion. Can help the skin to look fresh and revitalised, reducing puffiness. It has a lovely cool cucumber scent, with clary sage and pettigrain added to give a fresh and crisp edge to the scent. Citrus Sunset - A) Vitamin A  B) Bisabolol A) This is amazing for conditioning the skin and can help to increase the skin’s natural elasticity and to repair the damage to the skin.  A powerful antioxidant, it helps to protect the cell membranes from free radical damage, nourishing the skin and soothing for skin complaints. Very useful in anti-acne products as clears the pores to help stop breakouts. It also improves the appearance of blemishes to give the skin a more even tone and luminosity. Even skin that has been damaged by too much sun can be revitalised! B) Bisabolol -  Naturally sourced from  the Brazilian Candeia Tree, used for calming down problem skin whether from acne-prone, rosacea, sunburn or dry-type skin conditions. A great choice for sensitive skin where it protects from daily stress and the effects of pollution and gives a smoothness to the skin. We have added pink grapefruit essential oils and grapefruit fruit extract has great anti microbial and anti oxidant properties, it reduces skin irritation and brings free radical scavenging properties to the lotion. AromaNaturale - Chamomile and Calendula Both Chamomile and Calendula are known to be soothing to irritated, inflamed skin in conditions such as eczema and erythema. Often used in lotion for sunburn to soothe and moisturise sun damaged skin. With no essential oils in the lotion, this reduces the potential irritation to already delicate skin. CaribbeaRum - Bay Rum with EcoMarine Extract And Peptide A Eco marine extract offers a nourishing effect to this lotion, rich in omega 3 and sterols, that soothe the skin, especially after shaving. The algae is harvested from purpose built eco facilities ensuring purity of the extract and with no environmental impact. Improves skins natural suppleness and radiance. MintTea Luxe - Organic Comfrey With Peppermint Essential Oils and Vitamin E The perfect mix for a delightfully moisturising foot lotion.  Organic Comfrey leaf glycerol adds an added element to the lotion to moisturise and soothe.